Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Atlantic Beach - Day 3

Well here we are almost at the half-way point in our vacation. I guess it is true that time actually does fly when you are having fun. Dwight and Douglas went
fishing after several false starts while Kelly, Jessie and Page went to the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.
It was another gorgeous day down here today. We were actually able to sit on the porch for quite awhile this afternoon/evening with a nice breeze - until the "skeeters" started biting.
Dwight started having pain from his old nemesis - gout - this afternoon. I hope it doesn't get much worse than it is right now. This picture shows just how short Kelly got her hair cut this time. I actually like it a lot!
It also shows the new highlights in the front of her hair. Notice the pretty pink and white top?
It goes with these pretty pajama bottoms. Don't you love them to pieces?  She bought them down in Neunam where Brian lives. I love them.
Douglas snapped a shot of us with my new camera. Not the best picture but he is my baby and I wanted to put at least one on here today. I love the festive look on the floating dock next door.
The colors really pop don't they. No one there this week. Very quiet over there.
Douglas "posing" with his Dad.  He does love his Daddy.
Not sure what happened to the gate but I'm going with a little cottage charm - what do you think?
This dude hung out on the walkway all day today. I got very close to him several times.
I love this little bathing suit. The one she wore yesterday was almost too little and this one will be soon. Jessie said she has outgrown ALL of her clothes from this past year. I remember having a growth spurt about this age. I got a little thick and over that year grew to my full height of 5'8" by the seventh grade.
One of my favorite pictures so far of this trip.
Douglas  still loves his shoes from last year. They might look funny but he says they are great.
Page feeding the seagulls from the bait net.
Douglas decided to go swimming off the dock tonight. He said it was great - until.....he tried to climb the ladder. It broke and slashed his leg pretty bad. Lots of blood and pain.
Jessie cleaned it real good with peroxide, slathered antibiotic ointment on it and bandaged it real good. He plans to go to the Urgent Care tomorrow just to have it checked out because of what cut him - combination rotten wood, metal and oyster shells.

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