Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yeah - today has been an up and down day. Was up when Roseanne came over for our study, was down when I got real sick out of the blue, was up when my FREE Kindle Fire arrived in the mail
I was so excited when Page helped me realize I needed to use all the earned points from my old credit card. I rarely use this credit card anymore but had made a few significant purchases a few years ago. Added to how much I used to use it when I was working, I have enough points to pay for the Kindle Fire. I charged it with this credit card (to rack up more points) and will start using it again for the points you can earn. I have been using only my bank check card for years but she helped me realize if I use this one, I will be able to get gift cards for various major stores to use as I go along. My smart girl. I had not even registered it when it came this year.  I found that out when I tried to use it with my acupuncture appointment yesterday.  I called and registered and it is good to go. 

Was down because I realized I needed to listen in for the meeting. Was up because I CAN listen in to the meeting. Then was down---not sure what is going on, but as soon as the meeting was over, BigD gave me my pills and milk of magnesia which I immediately threw up. What in the world? I'll wait and see how I am tomorrow but if I keep going like this, I may call my nurse practitioner to see what she thinks, No - I didn't take the picture above with my camera - I used my telephone so that is why it is blurry. :)  I'm up a little because Lin said they might come by Saturday because Abs has a shell for me from the coast and then Randy called just a minute ago to make sure it was okay for them to come after service on Saturday and he will help me with my KF!  Excited! Hope to go to sleep soon which will be an UP!!!


  1. i'm sorry that you have had such and up and down day...or that you had it yesterday. hopefully today was much better for you. I miss you so much, Kenna and I will try to come by for a visit early in the week next week. Oh and I thought that the picture of marlan without the flash was much better than the one with. even if you do know how to use your flash now, that doesn't mean that it's always needed, or that it will make the picture better. so I guess just take two of each shot from now on, one without the flash and one with :) My camera takes it's best pictures on the digital macro setting with no flash. Love you. Oh and I hope you enjoy your KF once you learn to use it. yay for free stuff!!

  2. You inspire me so much, Tricia, with your endurance.
    Love You,


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