Saturday, August 4, 2012

Safeguard Your Heart - Day Two

Poor Randy and Linda - they called from the convention site this morning and wanted me to go on-line to see how far away another convention would be later than the one next weekend. They had walked the entire site several times and there were no seats for his family of five anywhere. I think they were getting desperate. What was so bad is another couple offered to save them seats and they said no. :)
I went on line but  he called right back and said one of the attendants had just found something for them. The thing is, there were tons of seats with books, blankets, sweaters and other things saving them but no one had claimed them yet. As a rule, after enough time has passed and they haven't been claimed, one of the attendants will remove the items and give the seats to those who are actually there. The caption to the picture above read: "We love Mama Nash!!!!! "This is the picture Linda sent me last night when they were on their way home. She said they were wiggly, giggly and singing after sitting all day.
It worked!!!  It took me awhile to get it uploaded but it finally worked. Thank you Bro and Sis Hooks. I haven't really had the opportunity to get to know them well since I've been sick most of the time they have been with us. His name is Rodney but I can't think of her name. 
Patsy sent me this picture of the crowd during the lunch period. I know they are all feeling pretty good right now. Relaxed and full of another day of wonderful and much needed spiritual food.
Donnie shared this picture of him with his oldest daughter - beautiful Victoria.  I know he is happy to have his babies with him at the convention. One more day to go which will include the Drama! Hopefully someone will get pictures of the brothers and sisters who are in the drama after it is over and I can see them. It has been a pretty lazy day here. I just told Dwight I want to switch back to the other medication I was taking for mucous because my mouth is so dry it actually hurts. The change in that medication is the only thing I can think of that is different. I was hoping the change would make the dryness better - not worse. Kelly just called from TJ Maxx and wanted to know if I wanted her to pick up anything. Absolutely - I told her to pick out some good large bars of hard milled soaps.  I love the soaps you can get here and at Ross.  When I was still working there was a speciality shop close to our Raleigh Branch and I used to load up on them there.  They were full price there though so when I stopped working, that was the end of that. Then I noticed TJ and Ross had started carrying them at a reduced price!  So now, I can load up again with the same soaps but much cheaper.
These are just an example of a few of them. I like most of the scents but seldom buy the ones scented with heavy rose or gardenia. If the gardenia is subtle, it is one of my favorite but it is hard to find a subtle rose scented anything which is sad. I actually like lemon and olive oil. They both smell fresh. So ladies - go out there and treat yourself. It is actually cheaper because the hard milled soaps last longer. They also give you more lather.
I will end this post with a very happy picture of Shelly's beautiful twins - little Aila and Weston. They are 9 months old now! I love this age - they are still babies but have mastered crawling, standing and communicating. I'm not saying they have a huge vocabulary but they can definitely let you know what they like and don't like. I think these two little ones are not only a blessing but are very blessed to be a part of an extended loving family. They are two well loved babies! I'm sorry - how can anyone look at that smile on Aila's face and not smile back?

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