Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of school for many local friend's...

Today was the first day of school for many of our local friend's children so I was getting text messages with pictures all morning and afternoon.
Our big "Boy" started first grade. His Mom was very proud of him. He has also adopted a new name - "Coyote Boy".  Pretty cool.....
His little cousin down the road started Kindergarten.  She told her Mom and Dad she did not want them to walk her to her classroom because she knew where it was. Of course that made her Mom's teary feelings worse. The sun was shining too bright in her face bless her heart.
Here are the twins! Aren't they the cutest things? So different and yet  .....
KK started middle school also. I love how protective she is of her sweet little brother Liam.  It was his first day of school also.
Linda wrote, "1st day went well. All love their teachers, even Abi!!"  Barbara's grandson Michael will be in the 8th grade this year. Oh my goodness - his poor Mom is having a hard time.  I am still having a hard time with Page going to middle school so I can definitely relate. Whew - I just got the past three days caught up.  I cancelled my acupuncture appointment for today.  I feel bad about cancelling again since I cancelled one last Monday. Hopefully I will start feeling a little better if the Tussein starts to work.  Dwight went down to Gigi's to help Pam and Leif move some stuff this weekend. He brought home a box of older pictures and today we scanned the ones we wanted. He said there are more so hopefully he will bring some back when he returns these. I'll share them as we go along.   

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  1. VERY cute recap of the first day of school...LOVE IT!!


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