Sunday, August 19, 2012

Atlantic Beach - Day 7 and..

"I’m so glad we had this time together, Just to have a laugh or sing a song. Seems we just get started and before you know it, Comes the time we have to say “so long.” And so it comes to the end of our vacation together.
Guess when you run out of clean clothes, that is a clue? Not really - just getting everything ready to go in bags in case it rains. We put most of the luggage in the back of Dwight's truck.
Uh oh - they are packing. That means I have to get back in my cage! NO!! Kelly, Douglas, Jessie and Page went to the beach earlier for one last swim. The ocean had been so nice the day before but was very rough their last time down. They still had fun. Kelly got her shower, finished packing and made
sure she didn't leave before getting her diamond earrings. She had put them in my ears so she wouldn't lose them in the ocean earlier in the week. Drat - I thought she might just accidentally forget them! 
Dwight has a policy of leaving anywhere he stays in better shape than he found it so he scrubbed the stove top (making sure to clean under all the eyes) and sinks/counter tops until they were sparkly clean. The cleaning lady had a pretty easy job after we left. Kelly got on the road around 1:30pm.
Douglas looks good - his leg still hurts but it does look a little better. He let it air out a little before applying ointment and bandaging it again. The antibiotics have been tough on him. We took our time (since we weren't due to leave until Sunday), pulled everything together and got on the road later in the afternoon.  Jessie and I decided to stop for Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
We changed the GPS and were pleasantly surprised to find the Hot sign on. We ended up getting a dozen of the "hot" regulars, then four chocolate iced cream filled, four chocolate iced custard filled, and four chocolate
iced glazed. My favorite are the chocolate iced glazed. And -Yes - I tried some. I could handle the chocolate icing pretty good but the doughnut themselves were like everything else I've tried - glue. Then we checked with the guys and stopped by CookOut to pick up dinner for them. What better way to end a vacation? Oh - I know - we finally got that phone call letting us know Kelly had arrived home safe and sound after eight plus hours on the highway. Sadly, I got pretty sick right before we went to bed.  Not sure if it was all the activity of the day or the chocolate.  Either way, I was a little bummed.  Everyone slept in today and then we were very lazy, watching several old movies on TV. Since we woke up to pouring rain, it was easy to do.
Hiro laid claim to one of Miya's perches but she didn't mind - she had her own favorite perch.
Miya is such a sweetie. I woke up several times and she was sound asleep on my lap. Ahhh - back on her own home turf. I love seeing them together - just like I love seeing all my kids together with me and Dwight. I think that good feeling is called - family. Eventually, it stopped raining so they decided it was time to go. Douglas stripped the bed in the back room before they took off. I've already run two loads of clothes. There are many more to run between clothes, sheets, blankets, towels and beach towels.  We still have bags of stuff on the porch but I will deal with that tomorrow because - after all - tomorrow is another day

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  1. Hello! I have found your blog while blog hopping. Your vacation sounds wonderful. It is great to have family together. I can't wait to read more of your post. Hope you will hop over to my blog when you have time.


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