Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of middle school.....

So today was the long awaited first day of middle school for Page. I should say long awaited but by me, long dreaded first day of middle school.
Jessie told us Page had outgrown all of her clothes from last year and this was a first. I noticed in some of her pictures from the beach that her face was a little fuller and remembered that I had a growth spurt around the same age. I got plumper and then grew to my full height over the next year.
Jessie sent us a picture this morning with the caption - "Page - first day of 6th grade". She was on my mind all day long so I sent her a text message when I knew she would be home with her Papa. Her answer was, "First day of school did not go that well. I love you." Bless her heart. It started with her getting on the right bus but at the wrong time. Evidently, the bus picks up elementary school students first and then comes back around and picks up the middle school children. Honest mistake. Then she was trying to get her book for her homework assignment from the locker when the last bell rang. The bus driver had told the students this morning that if they were late to the bus, they would be left at school so she grabbed the wrong book for her homework assignment. I'm sure she will settle in eventually but going from a small community school to a large school and seven classes is a big change. I told Dwight that if I had the money, I would put her in a small private school. He laughed but I wasn't kidding. I do like her new hair cut but don't you think she looks a little too grown up?  I know - I'm in major denial.  
Dwight and I are enjoying our new ladybug Jessie bought us. We found another one behind the car seat and it turns out it is Page's. So we are putting that one up beside ours until we see them again. One is red and the other one is green. So cute.
Not very clear but the best I could do with my phone. I wore my earrings I bought last year and the new ring I bought this year that matches them to my acupuncture appointment this morning. Janet was very impressed with what she called my "bling". I was very happy to get back with her and already feel better since my treatment. My neck was getting very tight again so she spent some extra time needling certain areas.  Debbie and Ruby came today and I gave Debbie the earrings Kelly had made for her. She liked them.  It was nice to visit with them for a little while after they dusted, scrubbed the bathroom, cleaned the floors and made up the back bedroom. Debbie was impressed by how much de-cluttering I have done so far.  I still have a long way to go but it already feels better.
Linda sent me a picture of the kids at Yana's in Swansboro. She put a message saying they had ordered the peach fritters! I told her to order the cherry coke too. Yum. I hope her Mom is having fun. I'm sure she is enjoying being with Linda and the children.
I also received this great family picture from Marie at the coast. I know she enjoyed not only having her Mom and Dad but also her brother, sister and their mates with them.
I snatched this beautiful picture of Marie from FB that was taken of her at the District Convention in Raleigh. Another thing I missed by not being there. We all miss her and her family.
I sent Marie this picture to show her what a completed piece of the quilt I gave her will look like. I knew I would never be able to make it so I wanted to give it to someone I knew could. She will do an excellent job on it if she can ever find time in her busy, busy schedule to do it. It will be something she can remember me by when it is completed. :)
I was disappointed that I forgot to bring Randi's address with me the day we went to Beaufort at the beach. I knew she and her hubby weren't in town but I just wanted to see where they lived in Morehead so I Googled it today. It is the cutest little white cottage located about two blocks from the water.  She was with her baby sister last week.  They were looking for wedding dresses for the upcoming wedding next summer. Marcy wants to have a wedding similar to Randi's so I know it will be lovely. Was it really just a little over two years ago that they got married?  From everything I've heard, they are doing well.
I've mentioned how my boss at Elite met me when I was working in Personnel with TRW right after we started laying people off. She stayed in touch with me and kept trying to get me to come in and apply with her new agency after I was laid off. I finally gave in and sure enough, she placed me with a relatively new company in Chapel Hill. I am so glad I'm not the person I was then. I have learned over the past few years how to say no to things I know I don't want to do. The man above, Ray, was a new hire (VP) and I was hired to be his assistant and the Personnel Director. When you look at the personnel files and there are two drawers full of previous employees, one half of a drawer of existing employees and a locked file with law suits from previous employees - there is a serious problem. Sadly, the company grew rapidly and the owner turned out to be a total flake who was in over his head. I left in exactly three months (which meant my future boss didn't have to refund the money she received for my placement) and Ray left not too long after that.
Before that, I referred Jackie to work for Ray in accounting and one day he took us to lunch at a Chinese restaurant. He ordered hot and sour soup and made it look so good that we went back the next day and tried it. It became our favorite soup. The company folded within a year or so and it was sad because it could have been a great company. Ray was a wonderful person. He contacted me a few years ago from PA to touch base and to see how Jackie and I were doing.
I will close this lengthy post with a picture of my cousin Alan. His Mom was two years older than my Mom and we used to visit them often. He is younger than I am and recently retired. I need to get his email address and try to stay in touch with him better than I do.

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