Thursday, August 23, 2012

Getting back into a routine.....

SO happy Roseanne was able to come over for our Family Study today. It has been too long since I've seen her. She has started her treatments and so far, so good.
I showed her my new camera and she pointed out that I wasn't using the flash correctly. Since she knows more about cameras than I do, I have to listen to her. She noticed the flash didn't go off and I said, 'that means it doesn't need it doesn't it'? Of course, that isn't what it means but I think the picture above looks good. She laughed because it shows on the window the words, "pull up flash". Duh
So this one was made with the flash. It looks good too but I still think the first one looks as good. I know - I'm stubborn.  I found out Kadee is going to be coming down to work from here for awhile so I'm looking forward to her coming with Roseanne one day while she is here. I also gave Roseanne the light switch cover I ordered - it wasn't the right one but I love it and she does too.
This is the one I got - the problem is, I thought I had ordered the one below
with two slots for my bathroom switch. Oh well, maybe I will order this one if they still have it available. I still like it.

This is one of the little cats from next door. She was visiting Miya through the glass door until I leaned forward to get a picture. As soon as I walked toward the door, she was gone.
I shared this picture of little Charli with her Gma Judy. I think they look a lot alike. I got a message asking me how I got the picture and when I told her I pulled it from the "other Gma's Facebook page", I got another message saying she thought it was time she learned how to do Facebook. Nothing like pictures of children and grandchildren to keep us old ladies on FB. Judy has been quite sick lately but hopefully is on the mend now. She is supposed to start regular pioneering next month so I'm going to talk with her some about how best to utilize her "time". I'm not sure exactly what is going on with me but I had a real bad episode not long after Roseanne got here. It wasn't because I was being super active - I was just sitting and we were talking. I noticed I only threw up from the right side of my throat so I'm not sure what that means. We also talked about how we were both blessed by having a "rare" cancer. Of course we were - since we are two 'rare birds' already. Oh well - it is what it is.

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