Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nothing very earth shattering going on - just more of the same. I had my mammogram yesterday and have my last medical appointment for the next two weeks tomorrow - acupuncture. I'll have to admit, mammograms are much easier these days than just a few years ago. I have been off the Tussein or Mucinex for three days and am still not sure if that is going to be the answer. I had a severe episode yesterday and today. Both of them took place after I had been sitting up or active for a period of time. The Biotene chewing gum helps some but I still have to have water constantly. Hopefully, it will get better.
I thought I would share a little more "yard art". Actually this isn't too bad. One thing I have learned from living in this tiny "cottage" for the past 37 years is that no matter how much space you have, you will fill it eventually. I remember when Sue told me to look at my house like a "cluttered cottage" and as soon as I did that, I was free. Free from the anxiety that goes with thinking everything has to be in an assigned space to work. Don't get me wrong, every once in awhile we have to go through and toss out a bunch of stuff but realize that in time, it will build up again. I have been making headway in getting some clothes ready to leave our little house.  Karen is coming over tonight to pick out anything she might want.  Hopefully she will take the rest of it to Goodwill for me. I just had a nice little visit from Len this morning.  He had to come to town to get a CT scan and check-up at Duke.  We were comparing notes and both can't believe how many people we know who have developed cancer since we have. He said he is tired of hearing about it and will be glad when his life goes back to "normal". We both laughed about that.  I mean really, what is normal these days? Lucy and Yonn dropped by for a short visit on their way to a study.  They both looked good and shared more from the convention with me.  Hopefully I'll be able to get out a little with them when I get back from the coast. We were talking about how it was last year around this time my ear started hurting.  It is hard to believe it has been a year.
I got this picture from Linda with a note saying: "I think this is a quote from some book, that I know nothing about, but the art instantly made me think of you…..I feel the same way about water and I know I have heard you say how healing/therapeutic the sea is to you….Love you!" I love you too Linda. And you are right - I LOVE the sea. Actually, I love all bodies of water. I have always thought I would love to live on a really nice houseboat. To go to sleep at night to the gentle swaying of the boat and the sound of the water lapping against the hull. Sounds delicious doesn't it?
I know this is supposed to be funny but oh - how so true are these words? How many times do we let emotion rule over us and end up later feeling foolish at best.
I'm sorry - I know this is silly but it is hilarious to me. I know exactly how she (I am assuming it is a she) feels. I don't like anything that can crawl toward me on more than four legs faster than I can move away from it on two legs.
And I dedicate this to Matt, Jen, Linda and my many other friends who now have chickens as pets and producers of fresh eggs. I snatched this from a blog of a woman who raises tons of different kinds of chickens. They are pets more than anything and evidently very patient with their owner. I so hope I'm not giving Jen any ideas for her pretty little flock. I would feel so guilty if I rode up to the farm and found one of her babies with a hat on. Poor baby - he doesn't look very happy does he?

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