Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bits and Pieces...

Patsy sent me a text today after the convention was over. She wanted to share her favorite sentence from the convention: "Jehovah doesn't promise a smooth ride but he does promise a safe arrival into the new order." I like it. Marlan sent me a video she received from Pat and Kris. It was about the International Convention in Ireland they were able to attend. They both look great. It made me a little sad about missing ours but I'm okay now. Really I am. 
I snatched the pictures above of Sid, Jr.. He loved diving more than eating when he was growing up. They had a pool in their complex and he lived in it during the summer time. At first I thought this was taken at a hotel in Roanoke at one of our conventions but now I don't think so. If it was, Douglas was baptized in that pool.
I found this picture on Pam's Pinterest and told her to get ready because I want one for me and one for Page. She said YES! Then she said we need to measure our heads - around the area we used to wear bands in the 60's. Wow - that took me waayyy back and I was off looking at old fashions.
These are just a few of the things I found that bring back memories. I LOVED hip-hugger bell bottoms and the bigger the bottom, the better I liked it. I also had boots like the ones in the picture above but my dress wasn't that short. My sister made hers that short but I would wear hers as a tunic over a skirt or pants. She is four inches shorter than I am.
I remember having a shirt like this in red. It fit real snug and I wore it with green corduroy bell bottom hip huggers with a very wide belt. The zipper was about 3 inches long.
I also had an outfit like this one. I really liked it. Memories. I went for a walk in the yard last week and found these two leaves. Is Autumn really that near? I also took a few pictures of what I call "yard art". The table on the deck is really looking bad.  We probably need to either clean it up and paint it or get rid of it.  So where does the yard art come from?  Some of it is courtesy of Dwight but some of it
just seems to accumulate all on it's own.
These are the two chairs Steve gave to Dwight. They bought new ones so we were glad to get them since two of ours are no longer any good. I guess that is all the news for this weekend. I hope everyone had a great one.


  1. i still love diving! ~ Let me know when you're ready to take a ride on Beauty! Love you Auntie Tricia!

  2. I wish I could say I'm good to go but that just ain't so. Will let you now though. Love you too sweetie. 2


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