Sunday, August 5, 2012

Safeguard Your Heart - Day Three

Boy - everyone is busy this morning and thankfully some are sharing wonderful pictures with me. I appreciate every picture I get - it makes me feel like I'm there in a way.
Kim sent this one with the caption: "Camryn said good morning". By the time anyone reads this, they will have already seen the drama. Knowing that Kim is in the drama I sent her a text saying "Break a leg - wish I could be there" and she responded with "I wish u could be here too! I’ll bring you the video as soon as I get it!! I have bats in my stomach!!! Hope I don’t puke!!!" I know it will be wonderful - it always is. And she always excels at everything she does.  Darrell has sent me so many wonderful pictures and messages from the friends including:
with the caption "From your sisters with love".
The caption: "There is such a morning buzz today. All are excited about the final day and are so looking forward to the drama." Is that Raymond on this side of the stage on the floor? Hmmm?
caption "The Bonds".
Caption: "Vivi with new DVD for young ones".
Caption: "Such wonderful information on safeguard your heart". These were all from the morning but I have also been getting some from the lunch break.
Caption: "The friends head outside during lunch to enjoy the outdoors. Our young ones need to get rid of pinned up energy." Looks like there is a breeze.
Caption: Kids are chopping down trees." Boys - what can you say?
Caption: "Kinda hard to see Carolyn Tyre outside eating lunch." Hey Carolyn!
Caption: "Viviahna Blackwood, Tily Stephens, London Clancy. Pretty girls...and one Donnie sent me
Caption: "Someone needs a nap." I am sure there will be more pictures I can share. They are all enthralled at this time because the Drama started almost 30 minutes ago.  It is entitled: "What is True Love?" and the theme scriptures are Prov. 22:3; 1 John 4-8." It will be over around 2:45pm with a song followed by the last talk of this convention entitled: " Never Let Your Heart Become Terrified!" with theme scriptures 2 Chronicles 20:15,17; 1 Peter 5:8, 9.  Wow - I can't wait to hear that talk.  I'll have to wait until our congregation receives the CD that will be made available for those who missed the convention due to sickness.  What a loving provision.  I will close this for now and if I get more pictures I will post them later.  Dwight made the comment that my not going was the right decision to make.  I know he is right - I got so sick yesterday and haven't felt well today either so I know it was the most loving decision to make for my brothers and sisters also.

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