Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Interesting week so far....

Okay - I've had some deep pain in my calf off and on (mostly on) since Sunday so decided I needed to make sure I had not developed a clot from being inactive for so long. I emailed my nurse practitioner (Jennifer) and she scheduled an ultrasound for this afternoon. We had just come back from my acupuncture appointment so I had to put my clothes back on and head right back out. She told me they were going to work me in and they did so very quickly.
Dwight dropped me off and I was already being seen by the time he parked and came to the radiology department. It was interesting - this is pretty much the position my leg was in while a technician named Sabrina did the ultrasound. She started in the groin area and moved all the way down the inside of the leg.  The good news is the preliminary report says NO CLOT.  I think Jennifer is going to have me come in to the clinic tomorrow to make sure I don't have phlebitis or deep tissue infection. Note to self - "be more active". That is going to be hard to do since being too active brings on more episodes.
I decided to walk around the house yesterday and Dwight joined me. I noticed more leaves are falling  every day.
If you look real close, you can see the pieces of glass that are always in this area of our back yard. Evidently the people who lived her long ago used to burn their trash in a barrel and these  shards are what is left. We have lived here for 37 years and during that time, we tried to have a garden twice.  Dwight has always been amazed by the things he dug up out there. Old bottles and jars. I mean - OLD.
Dwight walked up the little "path" that leads to a cul de sac in the big neighborhood behind our house. We can't see where anyone has used it in a long time. Evidently those people either moved or don't need to catch the bus across the road from our house anymore.
We have no idea what kind of plant this is - what the pods are - what the long strips of woody material are from. It is a mystery. It is a climbing plant of some kind.  I wish GiGi was here - she would be able to tell me. My mother would have been able to also.
This is the first time I've noticed the back of the house since they took the old oil drum away. It looks kind of bare doesn't it? As we were walking past the new HVAC unit on the side of the house, I was thinking about how happy we have been since we bought the new system and switched to natural gas. It is not only cleaner and quieter - it is much cheaper!
I pulled out the next album I'm planning to scan pictures from. It is the album Roseanne bought me to highlight the pictures we took from our grand adventure that took us to Maryland, DC, New York, England, France, Virginia and back home in the summer of 2001.
Lee had called to get our mailing address and this week I found out why. He had this lovely card made up with a picture of his beautiful Mom, Ennis. I know, she looks like a movie star doesn't she? Her recovery has been so slow. I wish there was more Dwight and I could do. I can't even help sit with her and that makes me sad. Dwight keeps promising me he is going to take me to see her again. I think we need to call first to make sure she will be in her room (and not our and about or getting PT) so it doesn't end up like the last time we tried to see her.
Gigi's daughter brought us these flowers. She said they were old and messy but I think they are beautiful. I will keep them as long as there is color. The funny thing is I had just been thinking I might call and order some flowers. I have always bought flowers on a regular basis - from the grocery store if no where else. I love fresh flowers. They make my day better in every way.
I will close today's post with a picture Jessie sent me of Page in her new outfit. She looks like she should be sitting at a small cafe along the River Seine in Paris doesn't she? Maybe one day. So pretty soon I will be putting some older pictures on here. I'll try not to put too many. I am really enjoying looking at the older pictures again. Kim was going to come over and do my toes tonight but time got away from her. She has such a busy schedule and I hate to ask her but Dwight has made it perfectly clear that he isn't going to do it for me. I am almost tripping over my stupid toenails they have gotten so long. Just kidding.

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