Thursday, August 16, 2012

Atlantic Beach - Day 5

Woke up to another gorgeous day. Haven't felt as good today - maybe I'm just a little tired. Douglas  hasn't felt all that great either - between the pain and the mega-antibiotics working on him. I hope to get a few pictures from Kelly and Jessie of their various jaunts to the beach. I didn't start taking pictures early at all. Jessie helped me get my chair onto the front porch so I could enjoy the fresh air and breeze (helped by a nice fan behind my chair) and when the bugs started biting - some Off clips around my chair. I'm trying to finish one of the books Ennis brought me months ago.
I love the way Jessie fixed Page's hair before they left for the beach.
Douglas gave me a chocolate covered cherry from his Whitman's box. I ate all of it except for the cherry. It tasted good. After they returned from the beach, Jessie and Kelly got cleaned up and ran some errands while Page took her stale bread onto the dock.
 I wish I could have captured a nice picture of her when she was almost surrounded by the birds.
This gull looks like he is getting ready to bomb her.
Check out his mouth - another satisfied customer.
When Jessie and Kelly got home, they wet Page's hair and poured lemon juice through it. I've been wanting to do this to see if we can pull some highlights from her hair before school starts.
To show you how great my new camera is, this is where all of the pictures I took were taken from! The zoom lens works really well.
The two little boys who are staying next door joined her on the walkway. They used a little net to catch minnows and other little critters.
Page made me a banana smoothie and I drank most of it. I also ate almost all of a chocolate chip cookie she made after dinner. She is very happy that I've been pushing myself to try more things.
Another thunder cloud started rolling in and when the lightening started off in the distant (I could see it),  Dwight decided to tie his boat down better.
He was having some trouble getting the rope over the post. I was quite nervous until he finally got out of the boat and off the dock for goodness sake.
After Page had her shower and put on some nice clothes, Dwight filled the table full of seafood - crabs (caught off the dock), shrimp, scallops, get the picture. He covered the table with foil and everyone started cracking the crabs. Page held her own in eating all the crabs she wanted. They  seemed to enjoy everything. Douglas ate a little later and went right back to bed. Hopefully, he will feel much better tomorrow. For some reason, I got chilled to the point I had to put Dwight's comforter over me to get warm. YUM.  I've been feeling a little "peaked" as Mama would say. Hopefully I'll feel much better after a good night's sleep.


  1. Glad the chocolate tasted good!!!!

  2. Dark chocolate covered cherries are my FAVORITE!!


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