Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good time with good friends.....

Dwight made some of his famous home-made bleu cheese salad dressing and grilled his delicious sirloin steaks Friday night for Frances and Tad. It was so nice being with them for a short period of time. It was a pretty laid back evening which is the way I like it myself.
I snatched this picture from FB because I couldn't get a decent picture of Tad. I actually got some pretty good ones of Fran but decided this was
my favorite one because it shows her beautiful smile. I love it when she laughs - it makes me laugh too.  She brought me a nice gift of soap and liquid soap that is here at the cottage with us along with the Trader Joe bag she brought me. We can't wait to use the soap in the shower. Thank you dear friend. As always I enjoyed my time with you.  The only negative - not enough time.
Now you try to tell me my Princess Miya doesn't have gorgeous eyes.
Kurt sent me this picture of Miya and Hiro's Mama. She is just downright gorgeous! Look how light she is - Miya has gotten much darker than I thought she would but she is still gorgeous too. Of course she has her evil eye going on in this picture.
Douglas worked his magic on her though and she got very comfortable. Pretty Izzy (Isabelle).

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